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Call My Bluff – Looe’s version of the popular BBC panel game

Looe RNLI and Looe Boat Owners invite you to join our experienced whifflers (frequent changers of opinions) who are certainly not breviloquent (marked by brevity of speech) or afflicted by sesquipedalophobia (fear of long words) in St Martin’s Church Hall, Looe You will also enjoy a tittynopes (a meal or a snack), while establishing the floccinaucinihilipilification (estimation of something as valueless) of the panel’s words. Saturday 5th March 2022 at 7.30pm Tickets £10 Light supper and bar All proceeds towards Looe RNLI Seat numbers are limited, so to avoid disappointment get your tickets from: Looe Lifeboat Station Shop Looe U3A Chris Roy 01503 262 704 or email tickets@looelifeboats.co.uk Covid precautions will be observed